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Free postage from 300€

postage free from 300€


Procedure to refund the German VAT

For customers from Switzerland or third countries a refund of the German Value Added Tax (VAT) which is included in the prices for textiles in the webshop) is possible.

A corresponding procedure described here is offered by the company Tax Free:

  • Your order in Germany will be charged and delivered at the German prices shown in the webshop.
  • The delivery includes an invoice for you and an envelope addressed to Tax Free.
  • In this envelope are:
  • 1 copy of the invoice and
  • 1 form from Tax Free.
  • Please complete the form with your personal details, sign it and send it to the post office together with the copy of the invoice in the envelope.
  • After deducting a processing fee, Tax Free will then refund the VAT amount shown on the form to the account stated on the form.

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