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Zoom XX Spray magnesium (200 ml) Price € 15,95 (1000 ml 79,50)

XX Spray magnesium (200 ml) Price € 15,95 (1000 ml 79,50)

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Spray magnesium (200 ml) Price € 15,95 (1000 ml 79,50)
Sprüh' Dich Fit

Regular application (spray several pumps onto stressed muscle areas and massage in lightly or let dry)
over a period of 14 days is recommended. After that as needed.
On calves and thighs, if necessary also neck, shoulders, chest, arms, jaw muscle areas ....
The content of the bottle is enough for approx. 1200 pump strokes.

MAGNESIUM What does science say and what does it know today?
It is an elementary and vital mineral for us.
Magnesium is a key element involved in over 300 important processes in the body.
It depletes and must be regularly supplied to the body.
Often the intake through food and water is not sufficient.
This is especially true for people who are active in sports. Magnesium deficiency has a negative effect on our well-being.

  • It is especially important for relaxation of muscles, nerves and vessels.
  • It is necessary for protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, important for the function of liver, thyroid and parathyroid glands.
  • It is vital and elementary for our digestive system, respiratory and excretory organs, lymphatic and immune systems, among others.
  • It is necessary for muscles and bones, protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, reproductive organs, weight, blood sugar and cholesterol control.
  • It is important for optimal sensory organ function and oral health.

Why spray?
Find out for yourself if and how it works through your skin. Especially for cramp and tension pain.
Before the sport after the sport, with tense work in handicraft and office,

Over the following statement the science argues at present violently. Spraying versus effervescent tablet etc. .

Absorption via the skin offers the significant advantage that almost 100% of the magnesium offered can be absorbed,
without any possible effects on the stomach and intestines. In contrast to oral absorption (only about 30%).

Why spray magnesium (Spray Fit?
It is unique in this form.
By a patent-protected procedure, the liquids are molecularly restructured.
The substances form a new molecular bond.

General information about spray magnesium

  • It is fast absorbing and a convenient spray application for increasing magnesium absorption.
  • Transparent and odorless.
  • It is a natural remedy to counteract magnesium deficiency effects.
  • Best for maintenance and wellness purposes for daily use.
  • 100% natural ingredients. (Vegan, without preservatives, fragrances or additives).
  • Original Zechstein magnesium chloride with original Zechstein seal in a molecularly structured brine without thermal or chemical treatment affecting quality.
  • Continuous analyses and the safety assessment of the Magnesium Health Institute monitor the quality and purity of Zechstein Magnesium Chloride.
  • The phthalate-free PET pump bottle is unbreakable.

XX Spray magnesium (200 ml) Price € 15,95 (1000 ml 79,50)


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